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Working out at home

Updated: Oct 8, 2023


Being a stay-at-home mom is a hard job. I try my hardest to go to the gym and I feel like I never have time having a busy schedule with my kids.

The picture above shows real results from workouts that are perfect to do at home. I went to St. Thomas January of 2015 then again in August of 2015. After 7 months of being motivated to workout, eating healthy, and cutting carbs I got in shape very quick. These abs can be an easy goal to accomplish if you stay dedicated.

I know going to the gym and getting back into a routine is scary, but I’m here to share you my secret!

One day I decided to get on Pinterest and research different home workouts. The picture above is the exact exercise I used to achieve my killer abs in the before and after pictures.

I usually start out by stretching all body parts before I workout. After stretching I warm up with jumping jacks for 60 seconds. Then I start the 300 Ab Workout above. I do this once a day and 2-3x a week. I want to point out I do have a gym membership still and go there 2x a week. Cardio can be very stressful on your body so I like to take it easy some days.

I hope this helps some of you trying to achieve a weight goal by the summer!


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