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EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Sets Record Straight on Criminal Case

Jenelle Evans and Family group photo
Jenelle Evans-Eason Family/Instagram

Jenelle Evans, the notable face from MTV's 'Teen Mom 2', has recently come forth to shed light on the ongoing legal complications revolving around her son, Jace. She shares with us insights about the complex dynamics between her family members, particularly concerning her 14-year-old son, her spouse, David Eason, and her mother, Barbara Evans.

Delving into Jace's Mental Health

Jenelle opened up about the mental health struggles her son has been grappling with for the last few years. "My son has been experiencing mental health challenges for the past two to three years. Unbeknownst to me, he has taken medications that have unfortunately not been prescribed under my supervision," She further highlighted that, "These medications have possibly led him to exhibit behaviors which aren’t typical for him. Currently, he is undergoing intensive therapy, ensuring he gets the required help."

Setting the Record Straight: The Court Proceedings

Debunking public misconceptions, Evans emphasized, "The focal point isn't about neglect or abuse allegations towards our other children. This case revolves around our son, Jace. In the courtroom, David's name isn't even a topic of discussion. It primarily centers around Jace's mental health, my relationship with my mother, and the circumstances under which my son lives."

Evans then shed light on the prevailing circumstances concerning Jace's living arrangements, confirming that he currently resides with his grandmother, Barbara. Recent developments with Jace, such as episodes of running away and resisting any form of discipline, have played a role in this decision. Evans disclosed, "One of the reasons I got custody was due to such incidents. There were times my mother would reach out to David for assistance, like instances when Jace fled from the car."

However, the relationship between Barbara and Jace seems to have been strained. According to Evans, they hadn't communicated since July 2023, post her giving up custody in March the same year. "Conflict with my mother reignited during our summer trip to Puerto Rico," she recounted. "She confronted me in a café, discussing the possibility of rehashing the custody dispute for Jace."

Upcoming Legal Engagements

"Today's court session is a precursor for what's to unfold in our upcoming hearing," Evans commented, indicating that their next scheduled court appearance is in November.

Recent Events with David Eason

In a recent update, on Oct. 25, David Eason received a criminal summons, as confirmed by the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. Evans linked this to an incident in September between Eason and Jace, where the former "searched" Jace and confiscated certain undisclosed items.

On wrapping up, Evans remarked, "Our other children are thriving. David often says, 'Jace has been under Barbara's care for 14 years, not ours.'” It's worth noting that earlier this month, Both Evans and Eason were being scrutinized by CPS in North Carolina, following Jace's disappearance thrice since August.

Jenelle's Past Statements

In the previous month, following Jace's second disappearance in a span of two weeks, Evans addressed the issue on social media. She emphasized her son's struggles, stating, "We've kept his challenges private to maintain his confidentiality. My mother's decision to grant me custody wasn't whimsical. There was a significant reason I became his primary caretaker."


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