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TLC Unexpected: Diego Reyes Welcomes a Baby Boy with Wife Shannon

Unexpected star Diego Reyes and Shannon
Photo: Diego Reyes/TLC

Unexpected star Diego Reyes and his wife, Shannon, recently celebrated the arrival of their baby boy. In an announcement that took fans by surprise, the duo shared the joyous news of their expanding family. This revelation comes only months after they first announced Shannon's pregnancy in June 2023.

A Quick Turn of Events: Diego's Past with Emiley Noack

Diego's love life was under the spotlight in 2022 when news broke of his split from Emiley Noack, with whom he shares a daughter, Aria Beckett. The news became public when Diego's father, Fabian Reyes, took to social media, saying, “Wow. What a difference a week makes,” accompanied by photos of Diego with another woman. He reflected on the family's changing dynamics, remarking on the noticeable silence in his home and jokingly saying he might need to play some Metallica to fill the void.

Shortly thereafter, Shannon came forward, confirming her relationship with Diego. Displaying her engagement ring on Facebook, she playfully commented, “He stole my heart so I took his last name,” a quote sourced from Starcasm.

The Joyous Baby Announcement

In June 2023, the couple set social media abuzz with their pregnancy announcement. They shared heartwarming pictures: Diego lovingly embracing Shannon, who showed off her growing baby bump, and proudly displaying ultrasound images. Fast forward to now, and the couple's joy knows no bounds as they introduce their baby boy to the world.

Shannon took to Instagram to share the first pictures of their newborn. The baby, adorably dressed in a light blue onesie with a matching hat, can be seen resting peacefully in one image and seemingly stirring from his sleep in another. “Ace Jack Reyes,” Shannon captioned the photos, appending it with a blue heart emoji.

Mixed Reactions Among 'Unexpected' Fans

The couple's heartwarming news received a wave of love and congratulations. Fans showered their blessings in the comments section, with many expressing their delight at the baby's cuteness. However, Diego's sudden split from Emiley had caused a stir among fans, leading to a mix of reactions on their latest life events.

Some fans expressed skepticism, referencing Diego's past behavior with Emiley. "I hope he’s nicer now," one commented, while another voiced concerns for Emiley, speculating on the complex emotions she might be grappling with.

Another 'Unexpected' Star on the Family Way

While Diego and Shannon are reveling in their newfound parenthood, they aren't the only ones from 'Unexpected' with baby news. Jenna Ronan recently announced her pregnancy, expecting her second child, and her first with boyfriend JJ Della. The excitement doesn't end there; Jenna and JJ are now engaged! Jenna shared a glimpse of JJ's romantic beach proposal, complete with a heart made of roses and a luminous "MARRY ME" sign. Gushing over her fiancé, Jenna showcased the magic of their special moment.

The lives of the stars from 'Unexpected' are undoubtedly filled with twists and turns, keeping fans eagerly awaiting their next update. As Diego and Shannon start this new chapter, and Jenna and JJ prepare for theirs, viewers are sure to stay tuned to their stories, sharing in their highs and lows.

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