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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Excitedly Announces Twin Pregnancy

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry and her family
Kailyn Lowry and Family/Instagram

MTV Fame Kailyn Lowry Gears up for a Double Bundle of Joy

Kailyn Lowry, renowned for her presence on MTV's series "16 and Pregnant" and subsequently "Teen Mom," recently disclosed that she's on the way to becoming a mother again, this time to twins. This revelation makes it her sixth and seventh child, 13 years after her first-born, Isaac.

The Announcement: A Dual Celebration on "Barely Famous" Podcast

Kailyn, 31, spilled the beans about her pregnancy during an episode of her podcast "Barely Famous." Alongside her was TikTok sensation Allison Kuch, who is awaiting her first baby with husband and NFL star, Isaac Rochell. Allison's exciting news paved the way for Kailyn to share her own.

Reliving her recent vacation in Thailand, Kailyn mused, "I must have got pregnant right before I left and I had no idea. So when I got there, I was eating everything. My face was flushed, but I didn't think anything of it because I was like, there's no way. There's no way I am."

The Ovulation Conversation

As the podcast progressed, the topic of tracking ovulation emerged. Allison attributed her knowledge about her conception date to this process. Kailyn humorously shared her own experience, "Well, to be fair, this is my... sixth pregnancy, like six and seven for me." She added, "And I've gotten pregnant when I'm not actually... like I've tracked my ovulation and I've gotten pregnant on days that were not my ovulation window."

A Glimpse into Kailyn's Motherhood Journey

Kailyn's family includes sons Isaac, 13, from her relationship with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, 9, with Javi Marroquin; and Creed, 3, and Lux, 6, with Chris Lopez. Her 11-month-old, Rio, is with her current partner, Elijah.

The last addition to her family, Rio, was confirmed by Kailyn on her "Baby Mamas No Drama" podcast while conversing with Aurora Culpo of The Culpo Sisters. This came after widespread speculations over several months.

"Kailyn gave birth to a baby boy on November 20 with Elijah. She has only told close family and friends," according to an insider.

Kailyn's Take on Her Privacy and Storytelling

Having been a part of the MTV franchise for over a decade, Kailyn confided to People about her desire for narrative autonomy. "I wanted to be able to tell my own story on my own terms and kind of share what information I wanted to share instead of being within a contractual obligation or storyline."

However, she often felt a lack of control over her private life. "I feel like it was ripped out from under me time and time again. I kind of feel like my hands are tied. People are announcing it for me and so, at this point, I might as well just talk about it." She concludes, "At this point, I can at least try to do it my way."


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