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Teen Mom Leah Messer Faces Unexpected Career Setback After Being Fired From New Job

Teen Mom star Leah Messer
Photo: Leah Messer/Instagram

The reality television world was taken by surprise when Leah Messer, notable for her role in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, took to her Instagram Story to disclose some unforeseen career changes. The candid update from the star depicted her in her car, sporting a sleek black V-neck sweater, her brunette locks neatly tied up, and embellished with pearl earrings, seemingly emphasizing the seriousness of her announcement.

Leah candidly revealed, "I wasn't prepared when I walked into my current sponsoring broker's office a couple of weeks ago that I would be told that because of unforeseen circumstances, it wouldn't be a great fit for me at their company." She then optimistically added about her plan to continue the quest for a suitable position, "So I redirected and started this interview journey with new potential sponsoring brokers."

Concluding her update, Leah sought the good wishes of her followers, saying, "Wish me good luck during the rest of my interviews this week."

Delving into Leah's Real Estate Ventures

For those not in the know, a sponsoring broker is essentially a real estate broker responsible for employing real estate salespersons. As delineated by RealEstateU, state laws mandate every real estate salesperson to operate under a sponsoring broker's guidance.

In a scoop from mid-October, The U.S. Sun unveiled that the Teen Mom personality had recently bagged a role at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Central, situated near Charleston in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. This accomplishment came shortly after her real estate license was granted on September 25, 2023.

Further solidifying her commitment to this new professional endeavor, Leah had earlier broadcasted her success in the qualifying exams and even posted her professional headshot, proudly declaring her title as a “Real Estate Salesperson” on Instagram.

A Peek into Leah's Professional Journey

Leah's fans might recall that in a 2022 episode, the star was spotted investing time in her studies, gearing up for her new profession. Leah reminisced, “Last year, I started an online course to get my real estate license. In a few weeks, I’m taking the exam.”

In fact, her enthusiasm for the real estate domain was evident as early as 2020 when she first hinted at her studies in this field on social media platforms.

Life Beyond the Camera

Beyond her professional aspirations, Leah is a doting mother to her three children. She is a parent to twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, both 13 years of age, whom she shares with her ex-partner Corey Simms. Additionally, she has her youngest, Addie, aged ten, with Jeremy Calvert.

Tracing back to the beginning of Leah's tryst with television, she made her debut on 16 and Pregnant in 2009. This stint paved the way for her appearance on the spinoff, Teen Mom 2.

However, with the Teen Mom franchise seeing a dip in its viewership, the network took a strategic decision to merge Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, thus birthing Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Contrary to expectations, the new series hasn’t performed well, with the ratings plummeting over 90%. The latter part of its inaugural season premiered on July 19, only to be met with lukewarm reception, garnering around 304,000 viewers. This has led fans to speculate about the show's potential cancellation.

In Conclusion

Leah Messer's journey, both on and off the screen, has been filled with challenges and surprises. As she navigates this new curveball in her professional life, fans worldwide are wishing her all the best and awaiting her next move with bated breath.

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