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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Son Creed's Health Struggles After Welcoming Twins

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry with her kids
Photo: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry recently took to her Instagram Story to share the challenges her son, Creed, is facing in a troubling video, shedding light on his health crisis. The 31-year-old reality TV personality and podcast host, who reportedly welcomed twins earlier this month, expressed her exhaustion while dealing with Creed's medical issues.

In the Midst of Joy: A Mother's Struggle Unveiled

Despite the joyous occasion of welcoming twins, Kailyn Lowry's recent social media post paints a different picture. The MTV alum revealed that she has been tirelessly shuttling between doctor's offices to address Creed's health concerns. In a candid video, Kailyn shared her weariness, emphasizing the toll her son's health crisis has taken on her.

A Glimpse into Reality

Kailyn's Instagram Story gave followers an unfiltered look into her life. Sitting in her car with no makeup and disheveled hair, she spoke directly to the camera about her recent visits to medical professionals for Creed's skin issues. The exhausted mother hoped to identify the root cause rather than merely applying temporary solutions.

Navigating Medical Appointments: A Mother's Journey

"On Monday, we went to the allergist for Creed’s skin, and today we’re at the dermatologist. It’s barely even eight o’clock," Kailyn shared. She acknowledged her fatigue and the challenges she faces but expressed her hope for a thorough understanding of Creed's health issues. The reality star mentioned that the recent visit to the allergist included blood work for hives and focused on the eczema-like aspects of the problem.

Candid Moments with Creed

Accompanying her words, Kailyn shared a photo of Creed in what appeared to be a doctor's office, seeking recommendations for a children's probiotic. These candid moments offered a glimpse into the reality of a mother navigating the complexities of her child's health.

Mystery Surrounding Twins' Arrival: A Hint Drops

Kailyn's revelations come amid speculation surrounding the birth of her twins earlier this month. While the reality star has not officially confirmed the news, she dropped subtle hints through a video showcasing her son Rio's extravagant The Grinch-themed first birthday party. The absence of a visible baby bump in the footage fueled speculation, leaving fans eagerly anticipating an official announcement.

The Glamorous Celebration and Unspoken News

The video showcased a lavish celebration at Kailyn's $750,000 Delaware mansion, with detailed decorations and desserts mirroring scenes from The Grinch. Despite the opulent affair, viewers couldn't help but notice the absence of a baby bump, sparking rumors that the twins had indeed arrived.

The Podcast Revelation: Confirming the Unexpected

Kailyn Lowry has a history of keeping significant details under wraps, and her recent pregnancy was no exception. The reality star confirmed the news of expecting twins on her Barely Famous podcast in October, following a pattern similar to her revelation about Rio's birth in a previous podcast episode.

Teasing Fans with Tidbits

While Kailyn has kept many aspects of her twin pregnancy private, she has shared snippets of information with her followers. From revealing the pregnancy's origin during a trip to Thailand to sharing a gender reveal video, she has taken fans on a journey of surprises. However, the revelation of potential names for the twins sparked mixed reactions, with some criticizing the unconventional choices.

Fan Reactions: A Mixed Bag of Responses

Kailyn's decision to involve her followers in naming the twins received a diverse range of reactions. Despite suggesting names like Willamina and Sway in polls on her Instagram Stories, not all fans were on board with the choices. Critics questioned her naming decisions, with some expressing disbelief that the twins were born without confirmed names.

Unconventional Choices Raise Eyebrows

"This girl has had seven chances to name a kid, how has it got worse," exclaimed one critic online, questioning Kailyn's naming history. Others expressed surprise and concern about the twins being born without finalized names, adding an additional layer of mystery to the already intriguing situation.

In the midst of the excitement surrounding the birth of Kailyn Lowry's twins, Creed's health struggles serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges that can accompany the joys of motherhood. As fans eagerly await further details, Kailyn's openness about the complexities of her life continues to resonate with many, making her journey a relatable and real experience for those who follow her story.


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