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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Reacts To Baby Daddy Chris Lopez After He Blasts Her For Twin Pregnancy

Teen Mom stars Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez
Photo: Chris Lopez left Kailyn Lowry right/Instagram-MTV

Reality TV star Kailyn Lowry doesn't seem to hold back when it comes to sharing her sentiments about former partner Chris Lopez. After Chris made veiled comments about her recent pregnancy announcement, Lowry was swift to respond, though subtly.

Chris, father to Kailyn's children, Lux and Creed, took a jab at her on social media. Though he later removed the post, it wasn't missed by the fans or Kailyn. In what appeared as a reply to Chris, the 31-year-old took to her Instagram story, sharing two poignant text posts. One conveyed, "Not a single scar on my heart came from an enemy. Read that again." While the other emphasized, "My side of the story doesn't matter anymore. Life happened, it hurt, I healed, but most importantly I learned who deserves a seat at my table and who will never sit at it again."

Kailyn and Chris: A Look Back

Lowry and Lopez's relationship began in 2016. By August 2017, they welcomed their first child, Lux. Despite their tumultuous relationship, they had another child, Creed, born in August 2020. Chris had acknowledged paternity shortly after Kailyn announced her pregnancy earlier that year.

Unraveling Kailyn's Recent Revelations

The drama seemed to escalate when Kailyn, formerly of Teen Mom 2 fame, disclosed she had become a mother for the fifth time in November 2022. She made the revelation about her son Rio's birth on her "Barely Famous" podcast. The surprises didn't stop there. During a conversation with Allison Kuch, Lowry dropped another bombshell — she's expecting twins.

Chris couldn't resist commenting on this news. On his Instagram Stories, he remarked, "There's a bunch of morals of the story here but [I'm going to] use like 2: The truth will set you free [laughing emoji] and stop doing s**t to [people] knowing you wouldn't be ok if it was done to you ... Also condoms." Although he didn’t specify Kailyn, the implication was clear.

Chris's post drew significant attention, prompting him to share, "The way y'all flipped out over me condoms [...] well we see who don't be using them."

Apart from her children with Chris, Kailyn is also a mother to Isaac (with ex Jo Rivera), Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin), and Rio (with current partner Elijah Scott).

Rumors Turned Reality: Kailyn's Twin Pregnancy

There had been whispers regarding Kailyn's potential twin pregnancy when she was spotted, seemingly with a baby bump, in Delaware. The speculation remained until Kailyn decided to break her silence on a recent "Barely Famous" episode. Recounting her trip to Thailand, she mused, "I must have gotten pregnant right before I left and I had no idea."

She elaborated on her disbelief, citing past pregnancies. Kailyn humorously referred to her trip saying, "We were not even near each other, but what are the odds? And then I guess we both came home with permanent souvenirs." Giving her fans a visual, she then showcased her growing baby bump.

The relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez remains fraught with tension. With Kailyn's recent announcements and Chris's subsequent reactions, it seems the drama isn't ending anytime soon. As both navigate their roles as parents amidst the public eye, fans and followers will likely be watching keenly.


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