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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom David Eason's texts with ex-wife EXPOSED

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason
Photo: Jenelle Evans left David Eason right/Instagram

David Eason is best known for being married to Jenelle Evans (Eason), who starred on MTV's Teen Mom 2 for many years. Recently, his ex-wife, Whitney Johnson keeps ending up in the news for trying to expose her ex, David Eason.

Johnson has remained quiet over the years pertaining to her parenting when it comes to their younger daughter that she has supervised visits with. Johnson has supervised visits due to her past drug use.

Whitney Johnson has tried exposing David Eason recently with texts that were supposedly from him in May of 2022. David Eason EXCLUSIVELY shares, "Jenelle and I tried to call Whitney and her husband wouldn't let us speak to her.

We wanted them to send us the real text messages with my phone number. They claim they 'don't have cell phones' and only a landline but have these weird texts to share to the media and got paid for it. I honestly think they are photoshopped because I have the real texts between Whitney and I. I have shown them to Jenelle and they are only pertaining to co-parenting."

Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson/Instagram

Below are the authenticated text messages between David Eason and Whitney Johnson during May 2022 that are verified and now shared EXCLUSIVELY with

Many close sources to Jenelle and David Eason believe that Whitney Johnson and her husband, Kenneth Shane Rich, photoshopped the text messages that were submitted to the Sun a few weeks ago.


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