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EXCLUSIVE: David Eason BREAKS SILENCE about Ex-Wife and FELON Husband

Teen Mom star David Eason with daughter Marissa Eason
Photo: David Eason/Instagram

Singer, song-writer, and rapper, David Eason, is known for being married to Jenelle Evans (Eason) who starred on MTV's Teen Mom 2 for years. They both have a huge past and very interesting life. David Eason's backstory wasn't shared too much on Teen Mom 2 and fans have wondered about the past relationship between him and his ex-wife.

David Eason has tried to actively co-parent and let his ex-wife, Whitney Johnson, be involved with their daughter's life but she has refused for years. Their current custody situation, according to court documents, states Johnson is only allowed to have supervised visits every other weekend with their daughter.

Johnson also has a younger son that she is only allowed to see every other weekend supervised, due to her past drug use. David Eason was awarded full custody back when his daughter was 8 years old. His daughter has lived with David and Jenelle Evans (Eason) primarily ever since.

Why is the custody arrangement staying the same? According to sources David Eason's ex-wife, Whitney Johnson, is still not doing great. Johnson is believed to be in a very abusive relationship with her current felon husband. Johnson's friends and family EXCLUSIVELY tell they are very worried for her mental state and physical well-being.

Kenneth Shane Rich left Whitney Johnson right/Instagram
Photo: Kenneth Shane Rich left Whitney Johnson right/Instagram

Whitney Johnson has an on/off relationship with Kenneth Shane Rich, who has a huge past of his own. According to North Carolina Department Of Adult Correction Offender Public Website, Kenneth Rich has been convicted of felonies, assault on a female, and even child abuse. In the screenshot below you can see Rich's public record:

Kenneth Shane Rich was convicted with 2 counts of Assault with A Deadly Weapon With Intent To Kill which is listed as a Class E Felony. Rich has also been convicted as recently as 2020 with Assault on a Female and Child Abuse. Below is a screenshot from a close source from Rich's own family submitted EXCLUSIVELY to

This image above explains the incident that occurred when Kenneth Rich was convicted of his 2 felonies. We heard EXCLUSIVELY from a close source to Whitney Johnson's family the Assault on a Female and Child Abuse conviction was involving her.

David Eason's ex-wife even went as far as to put a No Contact Order against Kenneth Rich, but later on dropped it when she went to court. Below is a text message that was sent to David Eason recently from Whitney Johnson's ex lover. This image explains what exactly happened to Johnson's child for Kenneth Rich to be convicted of Child Abuse in 2020:

All of this information is very concerning for David Eason, Johnson's family, and even David's older daughter. In the Child Abuse incident, Kenneth Rich allegedly "blackened both of the babies' eyes" according to close sources. David Eason has shared EXCLUSIVELY to, "I withheld all this information to protect the privacy of my daughter, but I also want to keep my child safe away from this man. I also think the public should be warned about him as well."

If you're in an abusive relationship and want to reach out for help here are some resources to help you below:

Text "START" to 88788 OR Call 1-800-799-7233

National Domestic Violence Hotline


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