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Royal Family: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Moving to Los Angeles

Prince Harry left and Meghan Markle right on selfie
Photo: Prince Harry left Meghan Markle right/Instagram

A piece of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the power couple that has captivated the world, are reportedly setting their sights on a new home base — the dazzling city of Los Angeles. In an exclusive scoop, sources with direct knowledge have informed TMZ that the royal duo is contemplating a move to the entertainment capital after deciding to forego their search for a residence in the upscale Malibu area.

Exploring L.A.'s Neighborhoods

While the couple has not yet embarked on house tours, they have expressed a keen interest in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. Notably, their initial exploration in September involved an $8 million plot of land in Malibu, a prospect they have chosen to abandon.

Currently residing up the coast in Montecito, the move to L.A. aligns with Meghan and Harry's increasing involvement in Hollywood events. Despite Malibu being closer than Montecito, the couple believes it still falls short of their desired proximity.

Prioritizing Privacy and Community

Sources close to the couple reveal that privacy and a sense of community are paramount in Meghan and Harry's considerations. Their disillusionment with a Malibu estate was fueled by concerns about privacy, a matter exacerbated after TMZ's coverage made the property a paparazzi magnet. The unwanted attention raised safety issues for the couple, leading them to rethink their housing choices.

A Return to L.A.'s Anonymity

Meghan and Harry are no strangers to the Los Angeles lifestyle, having previously lived incognito in Tyler Perry's mansion in Beverly Ridge Estates in 2020. During their stay, the couple enjoyed relative anonymity until the media caught wind of their presence.

Describing it as a period of "bliss" in their docuseries, Harry highlighted the ability to go unnoticed for six weeks. However, once discovered, the media frenzy prompted Tyler Perry to take drastic measures, including installing a fence to protect the couple's privacy.

A Desire for Similar Serenity

Rekindling the desire for privacy akin to their time at Tyler Perry's estate, Meghan and Harry are on the lookout for a residence where neighbors share similar concerns about security. Their past experience has fueled the couple's quest for a tranquil haven shielded from prying eyes, drones, and invasive media coverage.

Tyler Perry's Perspective

Tyler Perry, the generous host of Meghan and Harry during their stint in Beverly Ridge Estates, has voiced his astonishment at the media frenzy that ensued. Recalling years of peaceful coexistence with his neighbors, Perry expressed disbelief at the sudden intrusion into their private lives. Drones, helicopters, and trespassers cutting holes in fences became the new norm, prompting Perry to fortify the property to safeguard the royal couple.

The Future Beckons: What Lies Ahead for Meghan and Harry?

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry contemplate their next move, the allure of Los Angeles beckons with promises of glitz, glamour, and a chance to blend into the bustling Hollywood scene. The couple's unwavering commitment to privacy, coupled with their affinity for a tight-knit community, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in their journey.

Will L.A. become their permanent residence, providing the sanctuary they seek, or will they continue their search for the perfect balance between fame and seclusion? Only time will unveil the next chapter in the extraordinary saga of Meghan and Harry.

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