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EXCLUSIVE: How Did Teen Mom David Eason Get Awarded EMERGENCY CUSTODY?

Teen Mom stars Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason on vacation
Photo: David Eason left Jenelle Evans right/Instagram

David Eason is best known for being married to Jenelle Eason, who starred on MTV's Teen Mom 2 from 2009-2019. Jenelle and David have been married since September 2017 and have 4 children. Biologically they have one little girl they share together. Jenelle and David both continue to share their presence on social media to keep fans updated and informed.

Ranging from a CPS battle, criminal battle, and the media David and Jenelle both had a fair share of ups and downs. They have been in the news a lot lately but one reason is due to family or friends selling stories to the media about them. One person in particular that has remained quiet during her daughter's life and not even an active parent is David's ex wife, Whitney Johnson.

Fans speculate how David Eason was rewarded emergency custody back when his oldest daughter was 8 years old. His daughter is now 16 years old and hardly has any contact with her mother and refuses to spend time with her, due to Whitney Johnson's current abusive relationship with Shane Rich.

Whitney has a lot of skeletons in her closet that were never revealed to the public UNTIL NOW. Below you can see what was signed by a judge for an Emergency Custody Ex Parte Order involving both parents David Eason and Whitney Johnson:

David Eason court documents

As you see from the document above Whitney Johnson was "under the influence of drugs and alcohol" at the time custody was rewarded to David Eason. Whitney Johnson's own mother wrote a notarized letter to the judge claiming "Whitney has been gone for a week left her daughter at my house" to help David achieve getting the order granted.

David Eason EXCLUSIVELY tells that Whitney Johnson's location was found during one of his daughter's visits and the daughter's iPhone location revealed Whitney Johnson at an older man's house he didn't know.

Upon more investigation Whitney's ex boyfriend, Joe Perez, met up with David Eason and showed him revealing pictures of Whitney Johnson doing sexual acts. Joe Perez claimed this was because she was addicted to pills and was meeting up with this old man to get them. David later matched his daughter's iPhone location with the same old man he investigated. Whitney Johnson was believed to be taking David Eason's daughter to this old man's house while trying to get her drugs.

Joe Perez also has 1 younger boy with Whitney Johnson. Whitney Johnson has also lost custody of that little boy as well. The last David Eason has heard, Whitney Johnson has no visitation rights for her oldest daughter and her younger son. Whitney is not involved in her younger son's life and her son is very sad about not having his mother around, Joe Perez revealed to David Eason.

David Eason has been viewed by the public in a negative light but there is a lot we are finding out about him, he's a great parent and protects his kids. If you have anymore tips about anyone mentioned in this story above please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Page.


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