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How's Nashville?

Updated: Oct 8, 2023


Since moving to Nashville, TN a lot has changed. The kids are in a new environment, Jace is still living in North Carolina, and we are still trying to get settled in. I thought the heart of Nashville was the only busy area and the rest was "just country". Wow, was I completely wrong! Everywhere you drive there's a little town, and I was just getting started. It was very important for me to find somewhere with good schools and safe for the kids.

When I first arrived in October of 2019, I went exploring and started out staying at an Airbnb in Bellevue, TN. This neighborhood was beautiful and the houses were gorgeous! I heard this little part town was the popular spot for celebrities to live and it was "boujee". It was around Halloween so this is the place I took the kids trick-or-treating. Down the road from the Airbnb was an awesome wooden playground that brought back lots of childhood memories for me growing up in Pennsylvania. The next few days I researched different parts of town to rent to find something more permanent.

I stumbled across places like Franklin, TN which was full of nature but very expensive. Again, Franklin was another location for celebrities to live and settle down. With having my house in North Carolina that I pay for still, I knew this wasn't an option moving here. Maybe in the future I'll look more into buying a home there.

The next place I found was a town right by the airport called Hendersonville. A lot of people seem to love it here. This town has a very well-kept exterior and landscaping. Any store you need is right next to each other. The schools are great and people are super nice. I looked for apartments around this area and found a lot I liked.

Before I knew it we moved again from our Airbnb to our new apartment! Kaiser, my son, started Kindergarten and rode the bus for the first time. The kids seem to be adjusting well since moving here. Sometimes I feel like it is very important in life to relax and get away from toxic situations to clear your head and figure out life. I think this was the healthiest decision I've ever made whether it was worth it or not. This time has given me a lot to put into perspective about my family and living my life.

If you're a mom planning on moving to Nashville with your kids, make sure to do a lot of research because there are so many different unique areas! Being a mother living here has been great so far. People call Nashville the "New LA". I highly suggest looking into moving here or definitely come for a visit!


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12 commenti

So proud of you Jenelle. I have watched you for the beginning. People grow an learn. You do you Momma

Mi piace

Tennessee is beautiful we moved to Clarksville about 45 mins north of Nashville form Pennsylvania 2 years ago best decision we’ve made my kids go to a great school and the area is great!

Mi piace

I love Tennessee! My husband and I were driving home from NOLA and we stopped at a huge farmers market in Knoxville, that sold me.

Mi piace

So proud of you!!

Mi piace

11 feb 2020

Great read! so happy you are getting settled and happy !

Mi piace
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