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Everything from Target

Updated: Oct 8, 2023


A lot of you have been asking on my Instagram where I got my outfit from. Surprisingly everything came from Target, from top to bottom! I also use Pinterest and it gives me major inspiration. I think about a look I'm going for and try to get some pattern ideas. I knew I wanted to take a picture with a cute hat so that's where my searching began. I saw some outfits with leopard printed cardigans, so I decided to get the belt to tie the entire outfit together. The only accessory that did not come from Target was my necklace and that was from the Charlotte Russe website.

The black boots I'm wearing in the picture are from Target as well. Everything I bought is really comfortable.

My daughter's outfit wasn't really meant to match mine that day but it ended up happening. Her little tan boots and plain black T-Shirt is from Target. The pants I had to get last minute when she had an accident so they are from Wal-Mart, cute right?!


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