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Teen Mom: Mackenzie Edwards Clears the Air' No Reconciliation with Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards/Instagram
Credit: Mackenzie Edwards/Instagram

Teen Mom's Mackenzie Edwards has broken her silence about the status of her relationship with estranged husband Ryan Edwards. In a recent Instagram post, she made it abundantly clear that she is not interested in reconciling with Ryan, despite the uncertainty surrounding their divorce. This revelation comes after a tumultuous period in their relationship and ongoing concerns about Ryan's sobriety.

The Instagram Post: A Family Portrait without Ryan

On October 14, Mackenzie Edwards posted a family portrait on her Instagram account, but with a significant twist. In the original beachy snapshot, the couple was pictured with their children - Jagger, 5, and Stella, 3 - alongside Mackenzie's son Hudson from her previous marriage and the family dog. However, Ryan Edwards was conspicuously absent in the cropped version that Mackenzie shared. Although the post has since been deleted, it caused quite a stir among fans and followers.

Fan Queries Mackenzie

In the comments section of her Instagram post, a curious fan raised the topic of Ryan's recent comments on their divorce. During the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion on October 11, Ryan had admitted that he and Mackenzie were still in the process of divorcing but expressed uncertainty about Mackenzie's intentions. The fan's comment questioned whether Mackenzie wanted Ryan back or if she was unwilling to sign the divorce papers. To this, Mackenzie offered a succinct response: "Um no."

Mackenzie's Instagram Comeback

Two days later, Mackenzie shared another Instagram post, this time featuring her two youngest children, Jagger and Stella. She captioned the heartwarming photo with, "I'm proud of us ♥️," as she bent down to interact with her kids. This public return to social media has coincided with the aftermath of the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion, which brought forth more revelations about her relationship with Ryan and its impact on his sobriety.

The Teen Mom Reunion: Concerns about Mackenzie's Influence

At the reunion, Ryan's family members, including his mother Jen Edwards, and his ex Maci Bookout, voiced their concerns regarding the potential negative influence Mackenzie could have on Ryan's ongoing journey to sobriety. Ryan, who declared himself "five months sober," had been residing in a halfway house since late summer, following several months in jail for harassment against Mackenzie.

Jen Edwards revealed that Mackenzie's visit to Ryan's rehab facility in August had been "very worrisome" and had resulted in Ryan getting into trouble. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who hosted the reunion, expressed concern about whether Mackenzie truly understood Ryan's condition compared to his parents and Maci. He asked if they feared that Mackenzie might pose a "danger" to Ryan's sobriety, to which Ryan's father, Larry Edwards, responded with an affirmative "Absolutely," while Jen and Maci nodded. (Maci and Ryan share a son, Bentley, who is 14 years old.)

Mackenzie's Divorce Filing and Ryan's Legal Troubles

Mackenzie Edwards initiated divorce proceedings in February, citing Ryan's harassment as the primary reason. This decision followed Ryan's arrest on charges of harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance. The situation further escalated with two additional arrests: first, in March for stalking and violating Mackenzie's order of protection, and then in April for possession of a controlled substance and a DUI after overdosing in his car. Ryan was subsequently sentenced to nearly a year in jail after pleading guilty to harassment, though he served only a few months before being released to a rehab facility and eventually a halfway house.

The State of Mackenzie and Ryan's Relationship

Despite the rollercoaster of events and the uncertainty surrounding their divorce, Mackenzie's recent Instagram posts and responses to fan comments have made her stance clear: she is not interested in reconciling with Ryan. The drama and concerns about Ryan's sobriety continue to be a prominent feature in their tumultuous relationship, and fans of Teen Mom will undoubtedly be closely following their journey as it unfolds.

Teen Mom's Mackenzie Edwards has made her position on her relationship with estranged husband Ryan Edwards unmistakably clear through her recent social media activity. While the future of their divorce remains uncertain, Mackenzie's statements and actions suggest that a reconciliation is not on the horizon. The ongoing concerns about Ryan's sobriety further complicate their relationship, adding layers of drama and intrigue that continue to captivate fans of the show. As their story unfolds, it remains to be seen how this Teen Mom couple navigates the challenges ahead.


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