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"90 Day Fiancé" Sophie Sierra Moves Out Of Boyfriend Rob Warne's Home After Heated Argument

Rob Warne, Sophie Sierra/Rob Warne
Photo: Rob Warne, Sophie Sierra/Rob Warne Instagram

Sophie Sierra, a renowned personality from the hit show "90 Day Fiancé," recently took to Instagram, revealing her latest move into a new apartment. Notably, this apartment boasts of a much-desired inside bathroom.

In her recent "Get Ready With Me" video uploaded on October 25, Sophie commenced her skincare ritual, offering fans a peek into her new residence. "Life has certainly taken a turn for the better. Not only do I now have a bathroom inside the apartment, but the lighting is also perfect for makeup. So, yes, I’m ecstatic," she exclaimed.

The Infamous Apartment Argument with Rob Warne

This refreshing change comes in the wake of a significant disagreement that aired on October 22, during the 10th season of "90 Day Fiancé." Fans avidly watched as Sophie and Rob Warne, 32, had a heated debate over Rob’s former apartment that inconveniently had its bathroom situated outside.

Sophie, who hails from an affluent background, voiced her frustrations about the dimly lit bathroom which didn't favor her makeup sessions, besides lamenting its unpleasant odor. She remarked, “Venturing outside just to use the bathroom, especially if it's raining, isn’t my idea of convenience.” Rob, however, brushed her concerns aside, stating, “Rain is rare in L.A. and the bathroom is not as distant as you claim.” Trying to find a silver lining, he added, "At least you get a patio view each time you head there.”

However, as Sophie persisted on the topic, Rob's irritation grew. He insinuated that Sophie was overly accustomed to the luxurious residences in Dubai, London, and Spain, and therefore couldn’t appreciate simpler living. Sophie retorted, questioning what was so opulent about wanting an inside bathroom.

Sophie and Rob’s Journey: A Digital Age Romance

Rob and Sophie, the mixed-race duo, first connected when Sophie stumbled upon Rob's profile while browsing Instagram for "handsome mixed-race men." The model and actor Rob didn't waste any time and initiated a FaceTime call with Sophie, which reportedly lasted eight hours.

Reflecting on their instant connection, Rob confessed, "Sophie is the most attractive partner I've ever been with. That’s what I was seeking all along."

Sophie's subsequent proposal to Rob about procuring a K-1 visa led them to get engaged. Yet, upon her entry into the U.S., with the 90-day marriage deadline looming over them, their starkly contrasting lifestyles became evident. Rob described Sophie as having "privileged tendencies" due to her wealthy upbringing, while he resonated more with a minimalist lifestyle.

Rob and Sophie’s Relationship: Where Does It Stand Now?

Apart from their lifestyle disparities, other obstacles have also emerged. Sophie's mother seems to harbor reservations about Rob, even going so far as to cheekily label him “Rob the Knob” during a chat with her daughter. Another revelation came from Sophie herself during the show’s October 8 premiere, where she disclosed her bisexuality to Rob.

Although neither party has officially confirmed a split following the tenth season, their absence from each other’s Instagram followers list raises eyebrows, hinting towards a possible separation. This is further underscored by Sophie’s decision to move.

Stay Tuned for More Drama

For those intrigued by the ongoing saga of Rob and Sophie, "90 Day Fiancé" season 10 promises to unveil more, with episodes airing every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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